The first fall risk analysis for consumers

The first fall risk analysis for consumers

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We help you know if you’re at risk.

Rover Direct is a high-precision, wearable class I medical device that has been tested in numerous research institutes, universities, as well as major senior living centers.

  • Easy personal assessment in the comfort of your home

  • One week turn around of analysis and evaluation report

  • The system used by physical therapists and research scientists

  • Actionable report to protect your health and independence

  • Affordable

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Understanding Your Fall Risk Report

Your Rover Direct report will summarize your fall risk with a single number on a scale between 1 and 100. It will also provide detailed information about the individual parameters that were used to assess your risk. Sharing the report with your physical therapist will give them focused, actionable information to improve your gait and reduce your risk of falling.

We also suggest that you view balance and gait training videos online and choose ones that fit your needs.