Prevent a fall before
it happens.


Ask your residents to wear the light weight, comfortable Rovers around their ankles and walk for 15 minutes.  Then upload their gait data wirelessly to your computer running our Rover Walk Pro application and generate their gait and fall risk report in a few minutes.  Share the results with your residents and see the results for yourself.


What is Rover?


Rover is a high-precision, wearable class I medical device that has been tested in numerous research institutes, Universities, as well as major senior living centers. The accompanying software, called Rover Walk Pro, allows you easy testing of your residents and keeps all your data in a data base for your future access.


I keep seeing the word, “gait.” What is that exactly?


It’s a fancy medical term for a person’s manner of walking, but it holds a lot of crucial information that can determine whether or not a person is at risk of falling.


How to use it in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Slip your ankle through the strap and secure.

Step 2

Go about your day, clocking in at least fifteen minutes of walking with the Rover.

Step 3

Check the app for your immediate test results.



Battery Life: over 1 week 

Charging: micro USB    

Width:  38.1mm (1.50″)   

Height:  51.2mm (2.02″)    

Depth:   14.7mm (0.58″) 

Weight: 53.86 grams (1.90 oz)



Efficient and accurate

Precise and statistically accurate data every time.


Wear and go

With Rover’s patented technology and easy to use system, you can test your residents in just a few minutes. 


Fast results

Get answers fast. Your test results are available as soon as tktk time.


Long battery life

Our low power design allows weeklong use between charges. 

Parameters measured by the Rover 



Stride length

Gait cycle duration

Step length

Step duration

Stance phase

Swing phase

Single support duration

Double support duration

Initial contact

Loading response

Mid stance

Terminal stance

Pre swing

Initial swing

Mid swing

Terminal swing